Flexclip Review

A comprehensive yet user-friendly online tool for creating videos.
AuthorSwastik SagarJan 19, 2024
flexclip ai enabled video editor

Our Verdict


FlexClip is an easy-to-use online video maker with well-implemented, basic editing features. It's perfect for those seeking to enhance short video projects without investing extensive time or requiring advanced filmmaking skills.


  • Simple to navigate
  • User-friendly design
  • Abundance of tools
  • Effective customization
  • AI video, transcript and text to audio generator
  • Access to a free video maker


  • The free option offers subpar export quality.
  • The cumulative subscription cost can become significant.
  • Upload media to cloud and this tool limited to PC.
  • No Mobile app
FlexClip is a free online video editor that allows you to create and edit videos without any prior experience. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features, making it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced video editors. Easily create and edit videos for the brand, marketing, social media, family, and any other purpose.

Flex Clip Templates

Flexclip AI video editor online tool templates

FlexClip's user-friendly templates provide an effortless and efficient means to craft top-notch videos, even for those without extensive editing skills. With a vast selection of over 4,000 professionally designed templates, the variety spans across diverse categories, occasions, and industries.

These categories include Personal, Business & Services, Creative, Social Media, and Community. Within each category, a broad spectrum of templates addresses a variety of occasions, business scenarios, and social media needs. This versatility empowers creators to produce content swiftly and with enhanced visual appeal.

Flex Clip Interface

Flexclip interface - storyboard

FlexClip boasts a well-organized interface featuring a left sidebar that houses an array of templates, media, elements, and overlays, along with access to a comprehensive stock media library—all conveniently accessible for your project needs.

FlexClip provides a clean and intuitive workspace, ensuring an uncluttered design that facilitates a focused approach to editing tasks. The platform's user-friendly interface includes:

Storyboard - A visual timeline located at the bottom center enables the chronological arrangement of video clips and images, streamlining the editing process.

Media Library - The left sidebar offers a well-organized section for accessing videos, photos, music, and graphics, providing easy navigation and selection of media elements for your project.

Toolbar - Essential editing tools, such as text, transitions, effects, and more, are conveniently located, enhancing the overall efficiency of the editing process.

Preview Window - The main preview section on the right offers a real-time view of your project as you edit, allowing you to monitor changes and adjustments in real-time.

Clear Icons and Labels - Easily identifiable tools and features are presented through clear icons and labels, contributing to a seamless editing experience.

Helpful Tooltips - Hovering over elements prompts helpful tooltips, providing guidance and additional information to support users in their editing endeavors.

Undo/Redo Buttons - Experiment with confidence, as FlexClip includes undo/redo buttons, allowing you to revert changes and refine your project without hesitation.

Responsive Design - FlexClip features a responsive design, adapting seamlessly to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience across various devices. 

Flex Clip Features

Ai Content Generator

Flex Clip AI

FlexClip, boasting a robust suite of AI-rich features, significantly expedites the content creation process. This versatile platform empowers users with an array of tools, such as -

  1. AI Text To Video - Transform text into engaging videos effortlessly.
  2. AI Image Generator - Generate captivating visuals using advanced artificial intelligence.
  3. AI Auto Subtitle - Automatically add subtitles to enhance accessibility and engagement.
  4. AI Video Script - Streamline video scripting with the power of artificial intelligence.
  5. AI Text to Speech - Convert text into natural-sounding speech for dynamic audio content.
  6. AI Background Remover - Effortlessly remove backgrounds from images, enhancing visual appeal.

List Of Tools Provided

Flex Clip AI video making tools

Range tools encompass a diverse set of features meticulously designed to streamline the intricate tasks undertaken by content creators, facilitating a more seamless and efficient workflow. 

By providing a comprehensive suite of functionalities, these tools empower creators to not only simplify their work but also significantly accelerate the pace at which projects are brought to completion. 

Whether it's crafting visually stunning presentations, infusing humor into content with custom memes, or enhancing the overall appeal of videos through dynamic motion graphics, Range tools serve as a versatile and invaluable resource for content creators seeking both convenience and speed in their creative endeavors.

  1. Slideshow Maker - Craft captivating slideshows effortlessly.
  2. Meme Generator - Instantly create humor and engage your audience with custom memes.
  3. GIF Maker - Bring moments to life with animated GIFs for dynamic content.
  4. Screen Recorder - Capture and share your screen seamlessly.
  5. Audio Converter - Transform audio formats with ease for versatile use.
  6. Video Tools (Merge, Compress, Convert Format, Rotate) - Streamline video editing tasks for efficient project management.
  7. Add Music to Video - Enhance your videos with a personalized soundtrack.
  8. Add Text and Watermark to Video - Customize and protect your content with text and watermarks.
  9. Add Transcript to Video - Improve accessibility by incorporating transcripts into your videos.
  10. Motion Graphics - Elevate visual appeal with dynamic and engaging motion graphics.

Flex Clip Pricing & Plans

FlexClip online AI video editor pricing

Free Plan Offers Following Features

FlexClip, the user-friendly online video maker, empowers creators to craft stunning and professional videos effortlessly. Packed with versatile editing tools, it enables users to create high-quality videos by seamlessly integrating with Google Drive for convenient access to video files. With flexible subscription plans, FlexClip offers an array of features, including text-to-speech functionality, accommodating various video lengths. This online video editing platform is tailored for social media, providing an intuitive experience for both seasoned video editors and beginners alike, making it the go-to choice for those seeking to elevate their content creation game.

Free edition of FlexClip follow following features and limitations

  • Features:
    • 12 video templates
    • 2GB storage
    • 480p export resolution
    • Basic editing tools
    • Watermark on exported videos
  • Limitations:
    • Limited storage and export resolution
    • Watermark can be distracting
    • Fewer features and customization options
Checkout FlexClip paid plans

Unlock the complete capabilities of this tool by opting for a paid subscription. We recommend the paid subscription to fully harness the extensive features and benefits it offers.

Flex Clip Simplifies Tasks, Faq Aids Understanding

1. How to make slide shows with music?
FlexClip provide AI tools to add music to you project. This tools can be used to achieve this. 

2. What are Flex Clip AI tools available?
Majorly AI tools used for to Create Generate Video, Generate Image, Remove Background and Text to Speech.